Lebanese Wedding at Westin St Francis, Union Square, San Francisco | Lara & Elie

We're tickled to find Westin St Francis' blog featuring our photography for the wedding where we were the photographers and cinematographers / videographers, just 3 weeks ago. They seem to have found our blog of photos that showcase their wonderful stairways.

Eating, dancing, drinking, partying with close friends and family on top of San Francisco, on top of the world! This scene is especially beautiful with the SF cityscape in the background. A wedding reception in the Alexandra's Ballroom, 32nd floor of The Westin St Francis on Union Square in San Francisco is a scene to behold. It is more than elegant. As Charles Darwin would say, "There is grandeur in this view of life".

We've done a few weddings for Assyrians. They love to dance but a Lebanese wedding is just as fun! Lara & Elie are down-to-earth, charming and adventurous. They had two San Francisco trolley shuttled everyone from the Westin St Francis to St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church at Diamond Heights Blvd and back.

Our Capture The Love team are in charge of both photography and videography / cinematography, which is really a treat since it allow us to exchange media between the two teams and after working numerous times together, this becomes a smooth play of teamwork. Wedding photos can be found in our blog.