Our Photographer / Cinematographer : Michael Soo

Michael Soo, photographed by Tiffany (our makeup artist / hair stylist) after a wedding at San Francisco
Being a hitman professionally didn't pan out, Michael Soo's alternate plan is to shoot, instead as a photographer. Recipient of one of the highest awards in photography by the largest photography magazine in the world, Soo and his team fuses life, love and art into a blend of poetic imagery and motion cinema.

Soo's pizzazz and precognitive visualization in story-telling makes people feel comfortable and beautiful before his cameras, allowing them to capture wedding imagery that transcend time. His fashion and wedding images have appeared in wedding magazines and publications worldwide.

A romantic at heart, Soo brings a sense of style and grace to his work, and his energy knows no bounds. Every day he feels very blessed to be able to work as an artist, and he truly pours his heart and soul into his work, drawing from his own experiences as a father, a son, a brother, a friend and a soulmate.

Soo is a photographer because he has to be. His photographs are his passion and pride.