Our Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist : Tiffany & her team

Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist : Tiffany, photographed by Michael Soo in Soo Photography's studio in San Jose, near Santana Row
While a typical 10 year old girl plays with dolls, Tiffany grew up putting makeup on her dolls, then her baby sister (poor sister!) and much later, her friends. Tiffany's makeup style is highly customized for you. Best of all, she draws out the natural beauty without overdoing it. Her air brush makeup lasts the entire wedding day, through bouts of smiles and cries, common in any wedding day.

A distinguishing factor is the versatility of Tiffany's work. She works on not only weddings, but also on fashion and magazine shoots for caucasian, black and asian skin tones. Check out her numerous Yelp reviews and her stunning wedding makeup artistry and hair styling portfolio.

Tiffany's Portfolio

Before / After images of our Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist - Tiffany