The Experience

What is most precious to you? Is it money, your house, clothes, car? Or is it love? Love is a beautiful gift that thrives when cherished and nurtured. Love is always a part of us, but it needs to constantly be rediscovered and valued again and again throughout our lives and in our relationships. Our Wedding Collections strive to be a major building block in your investment for your relationship with your engaged.

What do you love about your better half? Is it the way they are dressed or what they look like? Or is it the little things, the way their hair blows across their face, how their eyes light up when they smile, how they hold your cheek, how they curl up so perfectly into your arms?

Our photography is not just to capture the moment, it's a celebration of love and genuine relationships between you both, your family and friends. As wedding photographers, we want to make creative and honest images that move people, that showcase these small moments that you cherish but perhaps sometimes forget. These images serve as a doorway to bring two people back to the beginning of their journey together. We invite couples to share a piece of themselves and capture valuable moments through the art of photography.

- Michael Soo
Photographer of the Year